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Physician Specialties with Highest Demand for Locum Tenens

The spike in patients’ volume has brought the demand for physicians over the years. The percentage of physicians is low compared to the increased number of patients. Medical facilities depend on locum tenens to meet employee shortage The number of locum tenens jobs has increased. Though some fields of medicine have high demand as discussed below.

Emergency Department Physicians
Statistics show an increase in demand for emergency treatment Several healthcare facilities are struggling to meet this requirement Development of freestanding crisis rooms in medical facilities has been caused by the heightened populations in need for emergency medical assistant. Numerous healthcare freestanding emergency rooms are served by substitute tenens specialists. Locum tenens opportunities are higher for physicians in emergency medicine.

Endorsed Surgeons
Being a surgeon attracts good salaries compared to other medical professions. They are very skilled doctors who pose a wealth of knowledge and have the capacity to work under extreme pressure. Despite that the supply of surgeons is scarce, the demand of locum tenens in the field is on rise in the medical health facilities.


They specialize in taking care of hospitalized patients. They facilitate smooth relocation of patients within hospital departments. Healthcare facilities require locum tenens who can work as hospitalists to assist in different roles.

Specialists in Primary Care
They specialize in taking care of the elderly The projected growth of 65 years and older patients is on the increase. Inpatient populations of the aged has increased and most healthcare facilities are in need of primary care specialists to serve as locum tenens.

They are professionals who deal with adults in a wide area of health issues, they analyze , manage and care for them. They offer preventative care treatment of serious diseases. The internists practice medicine in several settings and serve as locum tenens in most health facilities.

Family Doctors
They are family doctors dedicated to comprehensive health care for all ages. They offer medical support services to underserved rural and urban patients. Family doctors offer health care support in wide range of health needs thus more opportunities are available. Most hospitals require the locum tenens in family medicine as they can manage chronic, acute and preemptive medical services.

How Hospitals Can Find the Perfect Physicians Promptly
Healthcare facilities face difficulties in getting competent and available locum tenens. The increased demand for medical attention and low supply of doctors in the facilities, creates unending need for locum tenens. There are several locum tenens organization who can partner with these hospitals to offer coverage for urgent physician needs.

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